The Suzuki Studio of Kimberly Ryan

Policies and Information 2017-2018

Schedule of Lessons:

Being a part of our Studio means that every student has an individual lesson (“private lesson”) and also participates in Group Classes. Included in yearly tuition costs are 36 individual lessons and about 25 group classes.


Individual Lessons begin this year on Tuesday September 5th and continue until Friday June 8th. There are 4 “Make-Up Weeks” in July and no lessons in August. The full schedule can be viewed online on the calendar page of the Studio website. Please refer to the calendar for complete information.


  • More complete dates and info coming soon!



Group Classes are mandatory for all students. They begin the same week as regular lessons, and are held most Mondays at 5pm at First Presbyterian Church.  It is very important that every student participates in group classes, they are an integral part of the Suzuki Approach and the benefits are too numerous to mention. Most classes will be Suzuki-style, and some will incorporate Music Mind Games for extra music theory practice. Throughout the year, we will include opportunities for you to play your pieces as a solo with piano accompaniment, sightread new music, play fiddle tunes and chamber music with advanced students, and inspire eachother to reach high levels of musicianship.  Please do not miss out on this wonderful experience!


Group Class Dates:

All dates are updated on the calendar.


Useful Links:


Chamber Music

Sign up at the link above!


Classical Revolution

Offers free concerts in non-traditional venues


Suzuki Website

Learn more about the Suzuki Method, or sign up for Institutes!


Richmond Symphony

Attend a symphony concert, or join the Youth Orchestra!


Fall 2017-Summer 2018 Payments:


 You have 3 options for making payments. This price includes 36 individual lessons and over 20 group classes. 


1. Quarterly Payments: Due on or before the first of each month:


September 2017, December 2017, March 2018 and June 2018

Quarterly payments:

30 minute lessons:  $390

45 minute lessons:  $525

60 minute lessons:  $670


2. Yearly Tuition: You may also choose to pay only one payment at the beginning of the year.


Annual payments are due on or before September 1st:

30 minute lessons: $1560

45 minute lessons: $2100

60 minute lessons: $2680


3. Monthly Payments: Please set up a recurring payment through your bank account. (I will not accept having a check written and handed to me each month, it’s just too much for me to keep track of!)


Monthly payments must be in equal amounts for all 12 months of the year, starting in September 2017:

30 minute lessons: $135

45 minute lessons: $180

60 minute lessons: $225



There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $50 (per family) due by September 1st, 2017. This registration fee guarantees your spot in the studio schedule for the entire year. I will be accepting new students in August, so it is important that your registration is received in a timely manner! Your lesson time will not be scheduled until your registration is received. Established students who have taken lessons during the summer months are given first choice of lesson times for the Fall over new students. By paying your registration fee, you are agreeing to all policies listed in this document.


Other Policies and Procedures


Make Up Lessons

There are no make-ups for missed lessons or groups. If I must cancel a regularly scheduled individual lesson, I will give a make-up sometime during the year . If I must cancel a group, I will reschedule it sometime during the year. If necessary, I am allowed up to two sick days per year without a make-up. In the case of inclement weather when Henrico County Schools are closed, I will send an email or phone call to let everyone know if lessons will be held. I may decide to hold lessons even if schools are closed. There are no refunds given for any reason, and 3 months notice is required to terminate lessons. Since there are no regular lessons scheduled during the month of August, this is a great time to catch up on what was missed during the year, or to schedule some extra lessons to get ready for the Fall! To summarize, The 2017/2018 Calendar includes 36 weeks of scheduled individual lessons guaranteed to each student. I will make up any lessons that I need to cancel. Lessons canceled by students will not be made up.


Parent Participation

Parents (this means parent/grandparent/guardian, etc.) are required to attend every individual lesson with their child, listen carefully to instructions and practice assignments, and take notes for their child. It is best if the same parent practices with the child every day. Recordings of Suzuki CDs (especially important!) and other fine music should be played at home every day. Daily practice is key to success as a violin student. All children go through times when they love practicing, and times when they do not want to practice. It is very important that violin/viola practice is a daily event, regardless of mood. We also may not feel like brushing our teeth, but we know that we must do it anyway.

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About Kimberly Ryan Studio

Kimberly Ryan is an award-winning performer and dedicated teacher of the viola and violin. Since 2000, Kimberly has maintained a vibrant studio of over 30 students in Richmond, Virginia, offering both Suzuki and traditional methods for all  levels and ages.